Earful of Fiddle Music and Dance Camp
About Earful of Fiddle
June 23 - 28, 2019 ~ Camp Brethren Heights ~ 9478 Lakeview Blvd., Rodney, MI 49342

Skill Levels

The theme of Earful of Fiddle Music & Dance Camp is the perpetuation of community-based entertainment, by and for the people. These music and dance traditions have historically been shared informally at music parties and holiday potluck suppers, invoking a heritage of “do-it-yourself” as common and vital as the joy we experience with simultaneous sound and gesture. In a fast-changing postmodern world, Earful of Fiddle chooses to celebrate strings and rhythms and percussive dance. Deep down, we affirm that being part of our global music party is as good as it gets. To construct the most efficient schedule of instruction we ask that you self-select one of the five skill levels: I, II, III, IV or V. Familiarize yourself with levels, I through V and please identify your course of study and skill level when you register.

LEVEL I - students will either have a variety of dance shoes or a ready-to-play instrument.  Prior to Camp it is a good idea to find an opportunity to watch string players play or dancers dance. Your nearest community dance organization would be a good place to start.  Contacts for Director of Dance Nic Gareiss and Director of Strings Bruce Bauman appear on this website.  For youngsters this is a time to involve parents.  Ideas for beginners can be found on You Tube, too.

LEVEL II - is for beginners with minimal experience, but possessing a basic comfort level with an instrument or a pair of dance shoes. If you select Level II, you can expect to learn the basics of rhythms applied to feet and strings. In Level II string classes, you’ll move through a few easy, practical, session tunes and songs built from repeatable note patterns and chords playing by ear. Dancers at Level II will form dance sequences with a growing dance vocabulary. Level II folks will
gain a stronger understanding of the components of a good music & dance session.

LEVEL III - instruction is for those ready to build speed, confidence, and improving consistency with feet or strings. Students at this level will be challenged to identify the building blocks of tunes, songs and dance vocabularies, and then assemble them as part of a group into a living work of art. These folks will be found leaning in and engaging in music & dance sessions. This is where playing by ear and dancing feet to feet is most important.

LEVEL IV - participants exhibit up-tempo command of their craft. At this level students will receive intensive instruction and depend on their ability to play and dance by ear. Many tunes, many steps, many skills, and much creativity in their assembly are the hallmarks of this level. Whether they know it or not, level IV participants are being groomed as session leaders.

LEVEL V - folks have many years of experience and attend camp for technical and stylistic lessons. Such lessons will boost one’s skill set to enhance any traditional session. Perhaps a session is something new to the advanced participant. Such an individual will easily become assimilated as a session leader.

When you register you must identify your choice of study and select your skill level.

If you are a minor attending without a parent you must submit the Minor Release Form > (available soon)